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Dr. Wu Qiang, currently Chairman of Newtrans Investment Management Co., Ltd. He graduated from Tianjin Medical University in 1991 with an 8-year master's degree in medicine. Later, he went to the University of Louisville in the United States to obtain a master's degree in biology and a doctorate in pharmacology / toxicology. Post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University from 1997 to 1999.

In 1998, he returned to China to start a business and was one of the first 10 companies to enter the Tianjin Huayuan Industry Park. After 20 years of development, as of 2019, the company has grown to 25 wholly-owned, joint-venture and joint-stock companies, of which 5 are in the United States, 17 in China, 12 of which are registered in Tianjin Hi-Tech Industry Park, and the rest are located in Hedong District , Xiqing District, Shenzhen and Fenyang, Shanxi. The business involves import and export international trade, biomedicine, medical equipment, environmental protection, auto parts, old-age care, property management and energy saving management, investment and financing and other fields. He is also the inventor of eight patents. The product of the ant killer he developed was approved by the US EPA and evaluated as a promising innovative product by the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission.

Main Social Duties:

Tennessee State University Advisory Board Member

Founder and Executive Vice President of the Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director of Tianjin Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Vice President of Tianjin Overseas Chinese Scholars Association

President of Tianjin Medical University North America Branch Tennessee Branch

Visiting Professor of Tianjin University of Technology

Main Resume:


The 8-year undergraduate student of Tianjin Medical University and Nankai University jointly obtained a master's degree in medicine.


He received a master's degree in oral microbiology from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.


Ph.D. in Pharmacology / Toxicology from University of Louisville, USA.


Part-time vice president of the listed company Wang Chunhua (the company is located in Shanghai) and participated in the establishment of Tianjin Xiehe Stem Cell Biotechnology Company.


Member of the Advisory Board of the Tennessee State University Business School.


Founded the Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the United States, and served as a board member and executive vice chairman.


Visiting professor of Tianjin University of Technology.


Elected as the executive director and vice chairman of Tianjin Ningbo Economic Promotion Association, and the executive director of Tianjin Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce.


Served as vice chairman of the Tianjin Overseas Students Association of Binhai Hi-Tech Zone.


Attended the 13th Tianjin Political Consultative Conference as a specially invited representative.


Became a director of Tianjin Overseas Friendship Association.


Acted as the executive director of the Biological Alumni Association of Nankai University.


He served as the director of the Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce in Tianjin Hi-Tech Zone and the director of Binhai New Area Overseas Chinese Federation.


He served as the vice chairman of Tianjin Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce.


Director of Tianjin Binhai New Area Knowledge Association.


Member of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Tianjin Hi-Tech Zone.