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  • Newtrans will be exhibiting at MIF 2020 on Oct 22-24. The fallout from the novel coronavirus pandemic left the shortage of medical supplies and PPE.

  • In April, when COVID-19 was raging all over the world, Newtrans purchased medical materials from all over China. After learning that the United States urgently needed personal protective equipment, Newtrans contacted Iowa Friendship Committee and Yale University in the US and quickly donated a batch of anti epidemic materials. Include 1000 kn95 masks, 2000 disposable masks, 100 sets of protective clothing, 100 sets of isolation clothing, 100 pieces of goggles and 100 sets of protective masks.

  • In order to strengthen the development of corporate business culture and contribute to the creation of a harmonious society, new path company is actively preparing to participate in the "2007 China business ethics person of the year" selection activity held by the business ethics professional committee of China Business Culture Research Association. This will promote the improvement of the overall quality and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, which is of great significance to the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of enterprises.

  • From April 16 to 18, 2007, Xinjing import and export trading company sent representatives to attend the 101st China Import and Export Fair held in Guangzhou. During the meeting, we will actively conduct trade negotiations with customers and manufacturers at home and abroad, expand business contacts, and promote the future development of our company's import and export trade business. Xinjing import and export trade company sent representatives to attend the 101st China Import and Export Fair held in Guangzhou.

  • In April 2007, a delegation composed of the Nashville business association of the United States visited Beijing, Taiyuan and Shanghai. The new path company sponsored and organized relevant reception. The delegation is composed of representatives of Commerce, education and government of Nashville region. The visit lasts for 9 days from April 14 to April 22, which greatly promotes the group's further trade with the United States.